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Communication Courses

The following courses will be offered at NESA in FY23.  

The All-Hazards Radio Operator (RADO) Course is a two-day U.S. Department of Homeland Security/Critical Infrastructure Security Agency (DHS/CISA) course introducing CAP members to a variety of Radio Operator (RADO) concepts including radio etiquette, interoperable communications, dispatch operations and emergency communications procedures. Participants will develop the essential core competencies used during incident response and planned events to perform the duties of the RADO in an all-hazards environment including communications support for public safety, wildland fire, marine, and aviation. The last three days of the week students will work in the Communications Center of NESA to gain the experience needed to complete their SQTR’s for the qualification. There is no test for this course as it is all performance driven.

Specific requirements for the RADO course can be found on the Incident Command System School Basic course page at: ICS School Basic page


The All-Hazards FEMA COML Advanced Communications Course is only available during session 2. 

The COML Course is a five (5) day class (25+ hours).  This curriculum trains emergency responders on practices and procedures used to manage the Communications Unit in an ICS structure at an All Hazards Event. COML responsibilities at an incident might include developing plans for the effective use of incident communications equipment and facilities, managing the distribution of communications equipment to incident personnel, and coordinating the installation and testing of communications equipment. The COML will supervise other members of the Communications Unit, such as the Communications Technician (COMT), Radio Operator (RADO), and Incident Communications Center Manager (INCM), if those positions are filled during an incident. The class is presented with facilitated lecture and student exercises.  The fifth day of the course is used to cover the CAP only portion of the SQTR’s.

Specific requirements for the COML course can be found on the Incident Command System School Advanced course page at: ICS School Advanced page 

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