Registration for the academy is completed online at eServices. Once you have completed the applications and forms they should be uploaded to the online system. Also listed under General Information is the 2018 Policies and Procedures. Each attendee needs to review this document prior to attendance so that you can be familiar with life at the academy.

Course Costs


Full Week Course     $160(by March 19th)   $190(after March 19th)

Short Courses     $80(by March 19th)   $95(after March 19th)

All attendees(including staff) pay a $65 fee to cover the cost of shirts and the baseball cap you are issued on arrival


Please use ONLINE REGISTRATION to apply for NESA. There is NO offline registration!

Payment is now part of the online registration system.


If you are flying in and need transportation- please make sure we have your flight information. Input it onto the travel tab in you NESA online application in e-services.

We can't arrange transportation for those we don't know are coming! Indianapolis International Airport is an hour away and we operate on a transportation schedule. 


Hint: Use a check list when packing. Equipment lists for each school can be found in the NESA Policies and Procedures guide in Attachment B.  We get people every year who forget to pack items. 

Please make sure you mark all of your equipment and clothing! We have items lost every year that cannot be identified. We are not responsible for lost items. 

Some online training is required prior to arrival.  Please review the pre-requistes for the courses you are slotted to attend.  Below are quick links to common courses many students need to complete.

CAPTs 116 & 117,  IS-100.c,  IS-200.b,  IS-700.b and IS-800.c

Be sure that you provide documentation (course completion certificate, email, or transcript) to your unit upon completing IS courses, and your commander or operations staff validates completion in Ops Quals.  IS courses are not automatically added to your records like the CAPTs 116 and 117.

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