Mission Chaplain/Chaplain Support Specialist


Commandant: Colonel Rickey Oeth

Course Coordinator: Lt Colonel (Chaplain) Marcus L. Taylor

Session One: 14 - 19 Jul 2019

Session Two: 21 - 26 Jul 2019


Student Prerequisites for Chaplain Support Specialist:

Senior Member Only

Need before start of training:

GES,  IS-100,  IS-200, IS-700, OPSEC and appointed a CAP Character Development Instructor

Student Prerequisites for Mission Chaplain:

Senior Member Only

Needed before start of training:

GES, IS-100, IS-200, IS-700, OPSEC and appointed as CAP Chaplain

Student Prerequisites for Disaster Support Rating:

Senior Member Only

IS-248 Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS) for the American Public

IS-405 Overview to Mass Care

IS-505 Religious And Cultural Literacy and Competency in Disaster

The Chaplain Emergency Services School at NESA (ChESS) is for all Chaplain Corps personnel (Chaplains/CDI’s) who desire to make the commitment to be specially trained to respond to and support the missions in which CAP will be engaged. This course involves extensive classroom curriculum, hands-on exercises, interactive tabletop scenarios, and field training.

There will be two one-week courses offered at the ChESS, this year, both for the CAP Mission Chaplain (MC)/Chaplain Support Specialist (CSS) CAP Support (CS) Rating (MC/CSS – CS).  The CAP support rating will be the first week and the Disaster support rating will be the second week.

The courses for the MC/CSS – CS Rating include:

Introduction to the Chaplain Support Team (CST) Concept
Duties of the Mission Chaplain (MC)
Duties of the Chaplain Support Specialist (CSS)
Mission Preparedness
Mission Reporting
Spiritual Resiliency
Suicide Prevention and Intervention
Deployment Procedures for the Chaplain Support Team
CAP Tabletop Exercise (TTX)
FEMA Virtual Tabletop Exercise (VTTX)
Field Training Exercise

The courses for Disaster Support are being taught week 2 include”

Traumatic Events Management

Pastoral Care in Mass Casualty Situations

The Goals of Pastor Care in Crisis Intervention

Psychological First Aid-Advanced

Overview of JG-1-05, Religious Affairs in Joint Operations


Travel: Participants are responsible for their own travel arrangements. Transportation will be arranged for those flying into Indianapolis International Airport. We must know travel arrangements in advance to make arrangements.