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Intermediate Pilot and Observer


Commandant: Lt Colonel Eric Templeton

Intermediate MO / MP

Session 1: Session 1: Arrive on 14th, Course 15th - 19th, Graduation on 20th* July 2019

Session 2: Arrive on 21st, Course 22nd - 26th, Graduation on 27th* July 2019

*Graduation will conclude approximately noon on you departure day, attendance is encouraged but optional based on travel plans

Student Prerequisites for Intermediate Observer:

Student Prerequisites for Intermediate Pilot:



MP/MO applicants must have the above requirements completed and validated/entered in Ops Quals in eServices

Note: CAP Form 91 check rides may be initiated at the end of the course as time permits. The decision to initiate a CAPF91 Check ride will be based upon the following:

  1. The student must demonstrate performance to all qualifications and requirements listed in the SQTR for Mission Pilot

  2. Instructor / staff recommendation for the check ride.

  3. Approval (in writing) from your home wing Commander / Director of Operations or designee, to take an out of wing CAP Form91 Check Ride.


Travel: Participants are responsible for their own travel arrangements. Transportation will be arranged for those flying into Indianapolis International Airport. We must know travel arrangements in advance to make arrangements.